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A bestselling Italian course with integrated video series, now available in six levels. Pi ricco, pi attuale, pi multimediale!
Nuovo Espresso maintains the popular format and methodology of Espresso, revitalising it with brand-new texts, activities and updated exercises that reflect both the requirements of the CEFR and suggestions from teachers and students. The course now offers six volumes for beginners to advanced level students, covering CEFR levels A1-C2.
Multimedia plays a key role in this new edition with the addition of IL VIDEOCORSO - a video series for the first 3 levels that follows the lives of four friends, dealing with everything from the day-to-day to the exciting and unexpected. The episodes are supported by LA VIDEOGRAMMATICA which develops linguistic arguments and expands students' understanding of grammatical structures, expressions and idioms present in the video. Videos with supporting activities also feature in the later levels of the course, available online via ALMA.tv.


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