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?A novelist of immense power ... uncompromising and original? Colm Toibin?I can feel the passage of time, as though it were coursing through my veins, along with my blood...?One June day in 1955 Alejandra, last of a noble yet decaying Argentinian dynasty, shoots her father, locks herself up with his body, and sets fire to them both. What caused this act of insanity? Does the answer lie with Martin, her troubled lover, Bruno, the writer who worshipped her mother, or with her father Fernando himself, demonic creator of the strange ?Report on the Blind?? Their lives entwine in Ernesto Sabato?s dark epic of passion, philosophy and paranoia in Buenos Aires. ?Bewitched, baroque, monumental? Newsweek

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    Sabato Ernesto

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    Literatura obcojęzyczna

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