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4 Weeks to Finals a multimedia revision kit for undergraduate medicine
This refreshingly readable book with accompanying flash cards and an interactive website is ideal for all undergraduate medical students fast approaching their final exams.
Consider your revision methods and contemplate exam psychology. Structure your approach and make those final weeks more bearable. Know what to wear, how to speak and what to do in order to present yourself professionally.
Test yourself with the flash cards and consolidate your knowledge on a wide range of topics. Use them as a guide to perfecting your presentation skills and think logically about each case. You'll need to be slick with your responses. Log onto the interactive website and practise with sample images. Decipher data, practise interpreting X-rays and ECGs, identify conditions from photos and pictures and get to know your patients through sample videos and audio. Pore over the book and study each case in detail. Trawl the help boxes for those golden tips that no-one ever tells you. Read the answers to all those questions you were too afraid to ask. Learn mnemonics to help you remember the more intricate causes of certain conditions. There are only a finite number of cases that can come up: learn them and you will pass.


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    Andy Haden

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