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Containing more than 5,000 quotations from authors as diverse as Bertolt Brecht, George W. Bush, Homer Simpson, Carl Sagan, William Shatner, and Desmond Tutu, this dictionary is organized alphabetically by author, with generous cross-referencing and keyword and thematic indexes. This new edition features more than 500 new quotations and 187 new authors. Gathered here are literary figures such as Italo Calvino, J. M. Coetzee, and Toni Morrison; politicians ranging from Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill to Rudy Giuliani and Bill Clinton; entertainers such as Halle Berry and Jerry Seinfeld; and star athletes such as David Beckham and Serena Williams. The book includes special sections featuring quotations from cartoons, films, political slogans, famous last words, misquotations, newspaper headlines and more. Finally, this edition boasts a new and unique selection process, using the largest ongoing language research program in the world, the Oxford English Corpus, to ensure that all the most popular and widely-used quotations are here. Spanning a century and stretching from the deeply serious to the frivolous and surreal, The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations is a vital part of anyone's reference shelf.


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    Elizabeth Knowles

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    Oxford University Press

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