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Robin, Jean-baptiste - Mechanic Fantasy (Fuer Orge
Chaplin, Francois - Inner Star (Fuer Klavier Und O
Leleu, Romain - Heroic Tales (Fuer Orgel Und Tromp
1. Appel
2. L'ange Noir
3. Epopee
Robin, Jean-baptiste - Orgel Solos Nr. 1-3
Nr. 1 Solo
Nr. 2 Solo
Nr. 3 Solo
Cuper, Philippe - Song Of The Soul (Fuer Klarinett
Robin, Jean-baptiste - A Look Towards Agartha (Fue
Robin, Jean-baptiste - Five Verses On The Veni Cre
1. Ciel Eternel
2. Flamboiement
3. Le Temps Qui Danse
4. Au-dela
5. Veni Creator Spiritus

? Jean-Baptiste Robin is not only one of the foremost organists of France,
he is also the author of a remarkable oeuvre, in which the organ forms
the centre point. His musical language is eclectic, influenced by a wide
variety of cultures, philosophies and religions both western and eastern.
His music is highly evocative, it speaks, narrates, it stimulates the
imagination. It is inspired by poetry, myths and legends, it speaks a
language of micro- and macrocosm.
? Robin secured the collaboration of several of France’s best soloists:
Romain Leleu (trumpet), Francois Chaplin (piano), Philippe Cuper (clarinet)
to join in works for their instrument and organ. The orchestra is the
Orchestre regional de Normandie, conducted by Jean Deroyer.
? A new recording of fascinating new music, both intimate, mystic and
spectacular, by one of France’s most promising composers!

Jean-Baptiste Robin organ
Orchestre Régional de Normandie, Jean Deroyer conductor
François Chaplin piano, Romain Leleu trumpet
Philippe Cuper clarinet, Frédéric Champion organ


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